President’s Message

Welcome to the Junior League of Des Moines! I am humbly privileged to serve as president of this historic organization which has been a fixture in Des Moines since 1926.

Junior League of Des Moines was impacting my life before I became a member or even knew what JLDM was. As a child who grew up in Des Moines, I spent rainy Saturdays at the Science Center of Iowa. My class participated in Kids On The Block, a puppet program that taught children about disabilities. While at Dowling High School, my husband and I attended formals at the Des Moines Botanical Gardens. Then nine years ago, I became a parent to a disabled child myself, and our family has relied heavily on ChildServe in Johnston for therapy and respite services. All of these experiences have a common thread – the Junior League of Des Moines. These places and programs are part of Des Moines’s cultural landscape and history because our League predecessors either created, facilitated, or significantly supported them, and sought to create something lasting and positive in our community.

More recently, Junior League of Des Moines completed a two-year, $50,000 commitment to Dorothy’s House, a non-profit which provides housing and services to human trafficking survivors. Our financial commitment helped to create gardens and a chicken coop on the house grounds.

As Junior League of Des Moines turns our community focus to foster care in the metro area in 2018, I am eager to see this next generation of Leaguers take their turn and leave their legacy on this community that I love so much.

We are lawyers, teachers, mothers, urban farmers, mental health professionals, grad students, government employees, and small business owners. There is a place for every woman in Junior League of Des Moines, and we invite you to bring your talents to our organization and leave your legacy on this great city with us.

Yours In Service,

Meghan Malloy-Disbro

President 2018-2020