JLDM is excited to announce the next community issue we'll be working on is foster care, with a focus on teenage girls. We have some immediate activities our member can participate in to support our new issue and will be planning more in the coming weeks and months ahead.


This month members will tour the Youth Emergency Services & Shelter to get a better sense of needs within our community. Additionally, member are busy adopting/tagging ducks for the YESS Duck Derby! We welcome all to join Team JLDM and support this great organization. 


Look for more details on how the Junior League of Des Moines is getting involved in our local community.



As our Jockeys and Juleps event nears, we wanted to focus on a pioneering woman in the field of horse racing. Helen Bates "Penny" Chenery Tweedy.
Penny Chenery was the American woman who bred and raced Secretariat, the winner of the Triple Crown in 1973. At the time she took control of her fathers stable, no horse from Meadow Stable had won the Kentucky derby and she set her sites on acheiving that goal. It turns out, she was able to far exceed her intial goals with the help of a new trainer and a horse she called "Big Red".

Penny led her life as a social activist for women and the sport of racing. She helped found the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, an organization dedicated to saving racehorses no longer able to compete from abuse and slaughter.

   Photo Credit: AP / Jack Kanthal



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